The Dow Jones Industrial Average History

The "Dow Charts" pages present the DOW historical price data, beginning in 1920 and ending with the current year, 2005.

I present this data so you can see the market history as any financial or technical engineer would see it.

You will immediately notice that the direction formed by the market's movements follow almost exactly the gravitational fluctuations charted during those years. The lines drawn on each graph, from the High points (local maxima) to the Low points (local minima) represent the points where gravitational fluctuations are at their highest and lowest on a multi yearly basis.

I described my discovery, Taylor's Law in the book Paradigm.

Taylor's Law

        The financial market's expansion and contraction is qualitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decreases in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level.
        The increases in market price are in direct response to decreases in gravitational forces; the decreases in market price are in direct response to the increases in gravitational forces.

By using this simple principle, I propose that the High points on each graph, when the markets are at their highest, represent where the gravitational fluctuations are at their least, and the Low points represent where the gravitational fluctuations are at their greatest.

Paradigm is actually two books in one. It is a compelling story of suspense and intrigue as well as a scientific Essay. In an effort not to bog down the pace of the story with technical details, I decided to outline the practical applications in an addendum. This allows the reader to actually retrace the steps that Nicholas and Alex took to become millionaires.

I invite all interested readers and especially skeptics to investigate, either scientifically or for personal satisfaction, the same procedures I used to create the results found in the pages of Paradigm. In Paradigm I illustrate the exact procedures I continue to use and take advantage of for my own personal financial gains.

These procedures are a simple way for you to plot the true correlation between gravitational fluctuations measured by tidal undulation patterns, and that of the stock market. You will also discover the pivotal years of change and future direction of the stock market, as far into the future as you wish to go. In the body of Paradigm I provide yearly forecasts to the year 2020.

I encourage you to review the following pages and experience for yourself the empirical results, which delineate Taylor's Law as truly redefining the non-random behavior of the stock market as well as all other financial markets.

Robert D. Taylor

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