For Everyone Interested in:

Power and Money - Paradigm is a quick read for anyone investing in their future, and a must read for financial networks around the world.

International Intrigue - This suspense mystery takes you through Europe and around the world as the surviving brother and his wife follow leads to track down the killers.

An Exciting Mix of Reality and Fiction - The novel is a wicked blend mixing facts with fiction. Taylor's 5,000 year-old box may be fictional, but the discovery is real ... the Stock Market is predictable. You'll find truth and fiction in the pages of Paradigm.

The Truth About Wall Street - This fast pace novel takes readers on a journey through history, mixing suspense with a groundbreaking discovery which predicts the outcome of financial markets.

The Paradigm Shift - The first book of its kind, Paradigm is a reality-fiction novel about two brothers who discover an ancient Egyptian box that predicts the stock market. Taylor's Nobel nominated discovery actually predicts the direction of the stock market which is the "paradigm shift" with new rules and boundaries.


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