Why is Paradigm on the 2005 "Best Opportunities" list?
  • It's an entertainingly good read.
  • It's about power and money.
  • It's a must read for everyone interested in making money.
Why is Paradigm unique?
  • It's the first reality-mystery novel to include fiction and a real discovery.
  • The discovery is real and earned a Nobel Prize nomination.
  • Taylor proves the Stock Market is Predictable!
What are the marketing plans to support Paradigm sales?

Robert Taylor is a "seasoned" successful author. His first book (OPStime) required three printings. He intends to repeat the programs with Paradigm which made his other book successful.

Customary and necessary book marketing activities. Dates and times to be announced for:
  • See author's Media Tour Schedule at 30-City Tour
  • Books direct to reviewers (Newspaper, TV, Radio)
  • Booksignings, bookstores, malls, trading clubs, and university lectures
  • Media interviews


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