Author Robert Taylor
The Shepard twins and their wives are delighted when they receive an invitation to spend a long weekend with their friend, Gabriel Von Stuyvesant, who is the curator of the palatial Biltmore Estate.
The Biltmore Estate

But, they never expected to discover an ancient Egyptian box that would change their lives forever.

Alex and Nicholas Shepard soon find themselves in a battle of wits against the powerful reach of a mysterious Group as they unlock the unimaginable resources the box has to offer. In only a few months the brothers use the box to procure a fortune in the stock market, but the owners want the box back.

A series of tragic circumstances transpire; the death of a brother, a devastating fire and a kidnapping drive the Shepards into a desperate race to learn the truth of the box's legacy before someone else is murdered.

They follow the box's history through the ages from the catacombs in Paris to the Knights Templar in Scotland.

Paris Catacombs
Knights Templar
The Vatican

What began as a scientific experiment in the stock market becomes a nightmare as sinister clues lead them to Venice, London, and even the Vatican library.

In this suspense/thriller novel, Robert Taylor challenges us to believe the unbelievable. What if you could accurately predict the stock market? Where does fiction stop and reality begin?

You will soon discover, Taylor is telling the truth. The Taylor Effect is scientific evidence that the stock market really is predictable. Like the fictional characters, we too will find ourselves putting Taylor's discovery into practice.


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