Gravity is typically ignored, misunderstood and underappreciated, but according to Albert Einstein, gravity is the greatest force in the Universe.

To quote Einstein, 'Gravity is the fabric of the cosmos'. Einstein deduced that space was not just a vacuum, but a solid membrane, a spatial fabric connecting the separations between all matter. Each particle of matter in the solar systems, the galaxies, and the entire universe has an effect on all other particles by means of this spatial fabric connection.

Gravity holds in place not only galaxies and solar systems, but stars, planets, asteroids, and all smaller particles including dust and gases.

Gravity holds earth's moon in its eccentric orbit inside the depression in the special fabric created by the earth, and it also holds all the other orbiting planets in our solar system inside the depression created by our sun. The same principle holds true with the galaxies as well as the universe itself.

Gravity is so powerful that, as seen in a photograph taken from the Hubble Telescope of a faraway spiraling galaxy, it is creating newly formed suns and other smaller matter.

Gravity also has the power to destroy matter, to create seasons by planetary motion, and to provide magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

Gravity has the power to raise and lower all the oceans and seas on earth twice daily, and to pull at the earth's crust so intensely as to bend solid earth inwards, leaving the oceans elevated, as well as outward, pulling all solid and liquid matter along with it.

Gravity has the power to wither the bodies of aging people, to drag down any matter from space that enters its reaches, to pull you down to the depth of a pool, lake, sea or ocean, to tire you to the bone, shorten your height or snuff out your life if left to its forces.

Gravity holds the air we breathe in place and brings us raindrops and snowflakes.

Gravity pulls the rivers and streams from the mountaintops all the way to the oceans, and creates waterfalls as well as flooding along the way.

Gravity can protect us from breezes, storms, and blowing winds, and at the same time keep us from being hurled off into space.

Gravity will also bring your children and grandchildren back down to the trampoline and force Old Faithful to delight the crowd.

If your belt becomes loosen around your hips, gravity will pull your pants down. It will decide the winning number at the roulette wheel, ring in the New Year at Times Square, keep the olive at the bottom of your martini glass, and the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle.

Gravity is considered constant but in reality, gravity fluctuates because of the interaction of other gravitational influences felt on earth, such as caused by the presence of the moon, the sun and all other matter in the universe.

Gravitational fluctuations can influence physical fitness, our driving behavior, criminal behavior, buying processes, the effectiveness of some medications, psychological health, and perhaps most incredible of all, dictate the direction of all financial markets.

In conclusion, think about gravity as a force to be reckoned with. You might also think of gravity as a useful friend. We must never be so naive to think that gravity is insignificant or doesn't have a dynamic effect on our lives.

Again, as Einstein was quoted as saying, "Gravity is the greatest force in the Universe", and now we are closer to understanding gravity as never before.

Taylor's Law provides us with the understanding of how to harness the usefulness of gravity, the power of gravity, to the betterment of our financial lives.

Taylor's Law

        The financial market's expansion and contraction is qualitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decreases in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level.
        The increases in market price are in direct response to decreases in gravitational forces; the decreases in market price are in direct response to the increases in gravitational forces.


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